Locals vs. Tourists

Montreal We’ve always known there is a gulf between the city as experienced by tourists and the city lived in by locals. Now we have a fun visual representation of that divide. Using various types of data from Flickr, one user of the photo-sharing website, Eric Fisher, has created maps that indicate the spots photographed […]

Tracing London’s Taxis

To earn their hackney license, London’s taxi drivers must all famously master “The Knowledge,” a vast compilation of raw data about the best routes through the city’s streets. The memorization process takes an average of 34 months to study — and 12 attempts to pass. That means it’s a safe bet few licensed London cabbies […]

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The Errant Canadians

It’s fun to see Jean-Paul Riopelle, now considered to have been of Canada’s foremost artists, described as a “young abstract painter” in Les Canadiens errants, a 1956 National Film Board documentary. He describes the open atmosphere of Paris as being particularly conducive to the creation of art. Implicitly, of course, he is referring to the […]

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Fine Art Street Art

This summer the National Gallery in London has brought the fine art to the public, by lining the streets of West End with reproductions of some of its paintings. The campaign is clearly a comment on street art culture — and of course a way to draw people to the gallery. It also raises interesting […]

The United Neighbourhoods of Mile End

Mile End underground station. Photo by Nicobobinus There are at least three Mile Ends around the world: one in Montreal, one in London and one in Adelaide. All three share some intriguing similarities. As their name would suggest, they are all located fairly close to the centre of their respective cities: Montreal’s Mile End is […]

Scenes from the Spitalfields Market

The Spitalfields Market, just east of the City of London on Commercial Street, has existed in one form or another since 1638. The existing market hall was built in 1887 but a new extension, airily contemporary in contrast to the brick-and-iron heaviness of the old hall, recently opened. Apparently, the annex replaces part of an […]

I’m Looking At You

Trastevere, Rome Islington, London

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It Was This Big…

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A Moment Alone

Drinking alone near Covent Garden, London Thinking alone at McGill University, Montreal

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The London Eye

It stares mordaciously back at you.

Passing Time in London

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Learning To Love An Elevated Expressway

Westway, London: Could this be the Gardiner’s future? Toronto is going through a municipal election right now and the Spacing Votes blog is doing an admirable job of covering it. One of the issues is the Gardiner Expressway, a much-maligned elevated highway that runs along the Toronto waterfront whose fate has been in question for […]

Everyday London

Notting Hill Gate Trafalgar Square

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Home Sweet Home Caledonia

Easter Road, EH7

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