The Bowery

I’m not sure what I was expecting. The Bowery is one of those New York streets that have been mythologized and made famous by American pop culture; although it is less well-known than some other Manhattan arteries, its name still evokes sleazy bars, flophouses and the kind of grit and disorder that was associated with […]

Under the Manhattan Bridge

It’s a bit of a paradox — bridges are meant to connect two sides of a gap, to bring them together, but they often act quite intentionally as barriers because the space beneath them is so problematic. There is a tendency to leave it unused and overgrown with weeds, or to give it up for […]

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Skywalking in Style

The term “skywalk” conjures up something decidedly modern, and for the most part, the elevated pedestrian bridges linking office buildings in cities around the world really are quite recent. Rare before the 1960s and 70s, they have since become popular as a means of separating high volumes of pedestrians from high volumes of vehicular traffic […]

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Morning Coffee: Grounded

Manhattan, April 21, 2007: “My nose is going haywire this morning. Perhaps this is because when I travel I have to put off my morning brew until I can get from my hotel to a decent coffeehouse. Am I ever glad, then, that I discovered Grounded.” I am a coffee fiend. Each day I venture […]

Upper East Exodus?

Park Avenue; photo by flickr user Ansual The Upper East Side is dying, at least according to New York magazine, in the latest issue of which Jay McInerney tries to convince us that the bastion of the New York elite is heading towards extinction. If such a proclamation is meant to be anything but hubris, […]

Morning Coffee: Hungarian Pastry Shop

Trying to explain why the Hungarian Pastry Shop is invariably staffed by Ethiopians, or why it sells more Austrian than Hungarian delicacies, is as much an exercise in futility as attempting to dissuade the socialists who scribble incessantly on the cafe’s bathroom wall their clarion calls to revolution. To be sure, were a socialist revolution […]