Casting New Light on Architecture

Rendering of M+ In Hong Kong, a city with an increasingly toxic political atmosphere, where the future looks uncertain and just about every small endeavour is greeted by controversy, M+ is one of the few bright spots on the horizon. That’s not to say the 60,000-square-metre, HK$5 billion museum of visual culture has enjoyed a […]

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In the Forest, in the City

All photos by JJ Acuna from the Wanderlister To get to the Asia Society’s Hong Kong Centre, you must go up. Up from the MTR through shopping mall escalators, up the steep slope of Justice Drive, towards skyscraping apartment towers and the jagged ridge of Victoria Peak. So it’s a surprise that when you finally […]

The Ningbo History Museum

Ningbo is a pleasant 2.5 hour drive from Shanghai, a trip that would otherwise take four hours if not for the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, an impressive feat of Chinese infrastructure which opened in May 2008. It spans 36 km (22 miles) and takes almost 20 minutes to cross by car. Looking out on both sides […]

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The City in an Art Museum

Paddling Home, Kacey Wong, 2010 It’s not often that you get a chance to build a museum from scratch, but that is exactly what’s happening in Hong Kong, where a long-awaited museum of contemporary art and visual culture will soon take shape. The 40,000-square-metre museum, known as M+ — short for Museum Plus — will […]

In Defence of Street Art

Ai Wei Wei projection graffiti, Hong Kong. Photo by Cpak Ming This month, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles opened a new exhibition on the history of street art and graffiti, the first such show at a major American museum. It has been greeted by controversy. One of the curators has been accused […]

Two Cities’ Scale Models

Virtual World: The future of China’s largest city is on bombastic display at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre Set in the seclusion of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, well inside the largest of New York’s outer boroughs, the Queens Museum of Art doesn’t attract the same blockbuster number of international visitors as the megamuseums and power […]

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History in a Chair

It’s 1905 in one of Shau Tau Kok’s small Hakka villages. A young couple has just been married. Now, the bride, wearing a veil, is being carried away to her new family-in-law’s house in an elaborately-carved wooden sedan chair—co kiau in Hakka—that been draped in a red sash to keep out evil spirits. Firecrackers greet […]

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A Century of Subway Cars

Elegant wood-panelled New York subway car with wicker seats from the turn of the twentieth century. The New York Transit Museum is a paradise for public transportation obsessives. The museum has a chronological collection of turnstiles and subway tokens on display, with detailed descriptions of the minutest changes over the years. This may be a […]

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The Romance of Detroit, Institutionalised

Photo by Fabrizio Constantini of the New York Times The most salient feature of the ruin’s enchantment, as Walter Benjamin would put it, is “aura,” the distance one feels temporally from art. The Acropolis, the Pyramids, the temples of pre-Mughal India — all these embodied some mythic conception of the past and its tragic downfall. […]

Revolutionary to Some, A Tool Shed to Others

In Kansas City, Missouri hath dwelt a project that portends a riotous, semi-calamitous melieu of consternation for the benefactors, the commoners, and even the neer-do-wells. Here is the Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Art in its known form: Then, one day, the powers that be decided there simply wasn’t enough room for all of the […]