Dear Hong Kong: A Letter from Montreal

The following essay appears in the April 2010 issue of Muse, a Hong Kong arts and culture magazine. The same issue also contains my feature-length profile on Hong Kong’s “tree professor,” Jim Chi-yung. The magazine can be found at major bookstores throughout the city. In my neighbourhood, I know exactly what language to speak. At […]

NDG Evening

Earlier this month I accompanied my friends on a nostalgic walk through NDG, the sprawling west end neighbourhood in which they used to live. Developed in the early twentieth century on some of Montreal’s most fertile land—the famed Montreal Melon once grew there—NDG was for the first part of its history a fairly humdrum suburb […]

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Two Streets, Two Neighbourhoods

The laneway running between Esplanade Avenue and St. Urbain Street, just above Villenueve, does not have a name, but it is home to several dwellings, including the duplex on the left of the above photo. (It has an address on Esplanade.) This laneway developed in the first decade of the twentieth century when today’s Mile […]