COB on Calle Florida

It may share a name with a certain sedated, semitropical retirement home of a state to its north, but nowhere is the raw verve of Buenos Aires more palpable than on Calle Florida. In a city of Brobdingnagian boulevards, it’s as claustrophobic as an Istanbul alley. Whereas most of Argentina’s capital is a blend of […]

Print Isn’t Dead in Peru

Newsstands, Cusco Few of the last ten years have passed without claims that yet another innovation — the rise of blogging, then microblogging, social networking, then the spread of smartphones, and, most recently, tablets — had the potential to reshape the way media is produced and consumed. The journalism world has been appropriately shaken and […]

Three Newsstands

Star Ferry terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong West 34th Street near 8th Avenue, New York Sinan Road near Taikang Road, Luwan, Shanghai

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The Vanished Newsstands of Montreal

Kate McDonnell snapped this photo of a newsstand at Pine and St. Laurent in 1991. Back then, it was one of three remaining outdoor news kiosks in Montreal, along with one at University and Ste. Catherine and another at Place d’Armes. By 1996, they had all disappeared, the victims of declining business and a municipal […]