Is Barrhaven a Model for the Future?

Entrance to new subdivision in Barrhaven, Ottawa I have written previously on the state of suburban expansion in Calgary, a topic I am very familiar with. Despite having lived in Ottawa for six years, however, I cannot say the same for this city. While a lack of interest on my part played a part, this […]

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Ottawa: A Monumental Dilemma

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is endowed with numerous statues and monuments. Most of them grace the public spaces that surround the city’s federal buildings, museums, and sites of national importance. One of the most prominently-situated of these statues depicts the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, who traveled past the future site of Ottawa […]

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Capital Housing

Like many other cities across Canada, Ottawa experienced a boom during the 1880s and 1890s, which persisted well into the 1930s. Much of the housing that has become characteristic to the the nation’s capital was built during this period, and most of these homes still exist. As in Toronto and Montreal, the choice building material […]

O-Train Follies

Recently-elected Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien and his new council narrowly decided in a vote at City Hall yesterday to alter the city’s proposed North-South light rail line. In a move to “fix, not nix” the LRT project, O’Brien and company decided to keep most of the proposed route intact, but discard the downtown stretch. As […]

Ottawa Street Art

Street art like this pops up from time to time in Ottawa’s central areas, but, unfortunately, it is usually promptly removed. Vanity mirror near Bank Street, now replaced with “For Sale” sign.

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Ottawa Votes!

Although not big news outside of Ottawa, the municipal election this year is making daily headlines in the local papers. I’m not sure if this is a regular thing, as I’ve only been here for one previous, but based on my experience in Calgary I’d guess it isn’t. I’ve taken a collection of photos of […]

Morning Coffee: Bridgehead

Fair trade coffee has entered the mainstream. Far from its old image as the fringe product that one could only obtain through a shifty-eyed neo-hippie local roaster, fair trade coffee is now recognized by the majority of the world’s large coffee corporations, and some coffeehouses and roasters have worked with the movement to succeed in […]

The Other St. Laurent Blvd.

One of many blank walls along St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa I’m sure most of those interested in urban issues (and many who aren’t) are quite familiar with St. Laurent Blvd. in Montreal. And why not? It’s arguably one of the greatest commercial streets in North America, filled with activity at almost any time of day. […]

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Sparks Street Blues

To Ottawans, the ongoing saga of Sparks Street is somewhat of a tragicomedy. The street, which runs parallel to Wellington Street just one block south of Parliament Hill, exists mostly as a pedestrian mall, with vehicular access limited from Kent Street in the West to Elgin Street in the East. During its prime from the […]