A Window into Kuala Lumpur

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were celebrating Malaysia’s national holiday at a street party in Bangsar, an upscale neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur. We had just walked there along broken sidewalks, the sun beating down on us — Kuala Lumpur is not the most pedestrian-friendly place — and we were in desperate need of […]

Parking With a View

If you found yourself among the 17 percent of Hong Kongers who drive, and you were inclined to drive to such a centrally-located neighbourhood as Yau Ma Tei, you might find yourself parking in the large garage near the top end of Temple Street. There are eight floors of parking, all in all, and the […]

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The Lives of Parking Lots

I’ve always thought of surface parking lots as dead spaces. They interrupt the streetscape, create a hostile environment for pedestrians and serve only to reinforce the hegemony of the automobile. That’s all true, but I’ve slowly come to realize that, like other urban spaces, parking lots have lives of their own — social and economic […]

Parking in the City, At What Price?

It would be nice if everyone got around by public transport, but the reality in North America is that a majority of people in most cities get around primarily by car. This is true even in Montreal, which has the continent’s highest per-capita rate of public transit ridership. Accommodating the car, then, has always been […]