Phuket’s Chinese Altars

Phuket’s Chinatown is well past its prime, consisting mainly of old shophouses that seem not to have been touched, inside or out, for the better part of a century. It isn’t even that overtly Chinese anymore. What gives away its cultural background are the Chinese altars mounted in the sidewalk arcades around the neighbourhood. The […]

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Morning Coffee: Bo(ok)hemian

Sometimes good things do come from the pages of Lonely Planet. Normally (in Southeast Asia, at least), visiting one of the bars or restaurants recommended in its pages will lead you to a place filled Lonely Planet readers of the most insufferable sort. Bo(ok)hemian is not one of those places. Despite its goofy name, it’s […]

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I came across this guy in Phuket’s Chinatown, a quiet, crumbling reminder of the days when Phuket made its fortune from tin mining, not tourism. He might seem deep in thought but in reality he had just been picking his ear and was looking at the product of his excavations. We’re allowed to tell little […]