Warsaw, Under the Fluorescent Lights

Even if they can’t bear to go there, practically all Montrealers know a place that they call the Underground City. But by no means is Montreal the only city with such a thing. Across the Atlantic, the city of Warsaw also has a network of underground passages spanning a good part of its downtown. But […]

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Inside Krakow’s Old Jewish Quarter

First the artists move in; with them come improvements to the buildings and trendier night spots. Then, lured by a newfound sense of respectability, comes the bourgeoisie, and finally the neighbourhood is protected with a historic preservation statute. This is what’s called “stage gentrification,” and you can learn about it in any 100-level urban geography […]

Polish Winter

Lodz is Poland’s second largest city. Not being the capital or having the dazzling charm and beauty of for example Krakow, the city isn’t that well known or visited by tourists. Lodz used to be an important centre for textile industry and lots of beautiful, old factory buildings remain in the city. Many of them […]

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