La violencia del silencio

Madrid, 2010 La pauvreté et l’exclusion, lorsqu’elles habitent le silence, deviennent une menace pour l’humanité. Pourtant, il y quelque chose comme une larme que le capitalisme n’a pas su comprendre. La cité que nous habitons, refuge de nos émotions, parle tout bas de nos espérances. Et j’ose espérer que demain, des gens plus sages nous […]

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Seen and Unseen: Street View Meets Brazil

View Larger Map A colorful crossing in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro Google Street View has landed in Brazil, and its timing is probably no accident: it’s a momentous point in the country’s history. Latin America’s sleeping giant seems, at last, to be climbing into its proper place in the global pecking order: it’s an increasingly […]

Cape Tin

A row of numbered tin shacks in Blikkiesdorp. Photo from the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign Nestled in a sun-kissed valley amid coastal mountains, pastel-hued, historic Cape Town is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful cities. So it’s long been a rude awakening for first time visitors expecting to arrive amid its sweeping vistas and […]

Hong Kong Beggar

Elderly man panhandling in Wan Chai

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