Barcelona: tapas et soleil?

Poble Sec, Barcelona Je viens de quitter Madrid, après un passage à Barcelona au préalable, question de me faire une opinion sur ces villes. Et quel regard : pas celui du citadin qui connait trop bien – et donc déforme – sa vision urbaine d’une cité. Plutôt celui du voyageur, curieux et anthropologue, qui n’a […]

Madrid rebelde

Utopia, Lavapiés Rebelde, Lavapiés

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Un descans a Barcelona

La vieille femme et l’homme, Graçia Débordement, Rambla de Raval

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Modern Madrid

Madrid’s iconography is strictly prewar. Between the gratuitous ornamentation dripping from the buildings lining Gran Via and the interiors of crowded tapas, the city centre appears decked out in full late-19th century regalia, fit for admirers of coattails and opera gloves. Tread out along the boulevards bursting from the city’s heart, however, and Madrid’s palette […]

Barcelona: A Week in Snippets

Expats Even without knowing anything about Barcelona, I knew this was no place for the indie-minded traveller looking for the pristine virginland or the earnest college student bent on “finding himself”. Being neither, I nevertheless found myself fleeing to the English-speaking sanctuary that is the Elephant bookstore, wondering aloud if this jet-lagged, high-strung boy had […]

A Sultry Evening in Malaga

Malaga, a city of nearly a million on Andalucia’s Costa del Sol, has the unfortunate reputation of being run-down. As a result, it’s somewhat off the tourist path, but this might actually be a good thing: beyond the grimy port and the imposing apartment blocks of its suburbs, Malaga has a charming and very convivial […]

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Just Another Day in Lavapiés

Photos taken in Lavapiés, a neighbourhood in central Madrid

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