Norman Bethune Square

Norman Bethune Square, a tiny triangle wedged between the intersection of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd., is Montreal’s shittiest square. I mean that literally: it quite possibly has more pigeon shit per square inch than any other public space in the whole of Greater Montreal. I have no idea why pigeons like this place […]

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Phillips Square

Phillips Square, it has always seemed to me, is inexplicably overlooked. In theory, it should be one of Montreal’s most prominent public spaces, situated as it is in the downtown retail district, across the street from a major department store. While it is certainly busy, though, at least during the day, it has none of […]

Place Vauquelin

I would be surprised if more than a handful of Montrealers actually know the name of Place Vauquelin, an unassuming little square on the west side of City Hall. That doesn’t matter: it’s a well-used, well-proportioned and pleasant space nonetheless. With a large fountain at its centre, it’s a great place to sit and watch […]

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