Street Signs in Lotusland

I’ve always had a thing for Vancouver’s street signs. They seem somehow deviant and subtly stylish. The stark black background is unusual enough, but I especially love the white border, which angles in at the sign’s edges; it’s reminiscent of the mid-century modern verve that lurks behind the wholesome attitude that present-day Vancouver has tried […]

Finding Your Way in Quebec City

I tracked down five types of street signs within the traditional limits of Quebec City. The oldest signs are these attractive blue and white ones. The highest concentration of such signs are in Saint-Jean-Baptiste. This type of sign with a curious mix of embossed lower case and capital letters is the next in our chronological […]

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Super-Sized Street Signs

Photo by Kate McDonnell A few years ago, the City of Montreal installed a new set of street signs at the corner of University Street and René Lévesque Boulevard, in the heart of the business district, kitty-corner to Place Ville Marie. They’re part of a pilot project that will eventually determine the appearance of signs […]

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You Are Here: A City In Its Street Signs

Rue Groll St., reads the street sign, jutting out from a wood hydro pole. This isn’t a sign in officially bilingual Ottawa: it is found in officially French Montreal, on a tiny lane in Mile End. The original sign was in English, but some time ago a sticker reading “Rue” was added, in a rather […]

W. Fairmount Avenue

Lately I have become fascinated by street signs. Not only does their ubiquity place them at the centre of the city’s visual landscape, you can read a lot into the signs themselves. Their design, for instance, speaks to the image a city tries to project of itself. The content of the signs—names and language—sheds light […]