Summer Streets

Ste. Catherine Street. Photo by Kate McDonnell Two years ago, when Ste. Catherine Street in the Gay Village was pedestrianized for the summer, it was organized like a festival, with a corporate monopoly on outdoor beer sales and over-the-top decoration (and not in a fabulous way, just in a tacky commercial one). Even worse, the […]

Summer of the Rat

On the list of urban nuisances, rats rank somewhere below high rents and above loud neighbours. This summer, though, they seem determined to make it to the top of the list. Rat attacks have sent three people to hospital in the past two months alone. In Happy Valley, rats were seen scurrying across a children’s […]

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Summer Soft-Serve

Dairy Queen in the Petite Patrie. Photo by Kate McDonnell Branded architecture is wrong in so many ways: it’s disposable, it’s a waste of space, it’s vulgar. So then why do I have such a soft spot for Dairy Queen’s little Swiss huts? It must go back to the Dairy Queen at the corner of […]

Summering in Lunenburg

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Three Months Till Beach Weather

It’s a drizzly, damp 10 degrees in Hong Kong right now. Not ideal for going to the beach. By mid-May, though, when the variable weather of spring gives way to the muggy heat of summer, places like Shek O will beckon once again.

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Hot Hot Heat

A Montreal heatwave is a funny thing. It’s really quite mild by any global standard — the media usually start braying about a canicule after just three days of temperatures above 30 degrees — but it has a real effect on this mostly air-con-free city. The normally languid pace of life becomes even slower and […]

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Manhattanhenge and Montrealhenge

Photo by Arianys León Twice a year, a few weeks before and after the summer solstice, the setting sun aligns perfectly with the east-west axis of Manhattan’s streets in a phenomenon that has been dubbed “Manhattanhenge,” a reference to the way the sun aligns with Stonehenge during the solstices. It got quite a bit of […]

Thinking About Summer

Queen Street West in June

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Summer Nights In Shadowy Streets

Summer nights in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto

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Sunset at English Bay

Every clear summer evening, as the sun starts to slide below the horizon, masking the mountains near Howe Sound in hazy layers of blue and purple, thousands of people flock to English Bay. The sunset, spectacular as it may be, is just a backdrop to their conversations, their laughter, their whispers and kisses. Each evening, […]

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Green City: Montreal in the Summer

On the left, a good way to start a summer day On the right, the Mile End community garden sits next to old factories You can get hungry for green in Montreal in the winter, but in the summer the city abounds in greenery. Walking around this city got me started thinking a few years […]

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Balcony Life in Rome

In the sweltering Roman summer, balconies aren’t used so much to escape the heat—that’s what air conditioning and metal shutters are for—as they are to linger over a cigarette, spying on the neighbours. Or maybe just to hang the laundry.

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Reading Alone, One Warm Afternoon

Reading on the Place des Vosges and on the bank of the Seine

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