Kensington on a Gloomy Day

I didn’t have much time in Toronto, but I spent much of it in Kensington Market, a tangle of small streets and mismatched buildings just past Spadina Avenue. It isn’t a very big neighbourhoods, but it does a lot with what it’s got.

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Shots and Corners

View Larger Map Before I left Montreal, my geography geek friend Sam Imberman organized an event for all of the other geography geeks he knew. He called it “Shots and Corners.” For three hours, we walked through Little Italy, Outremont, Mile End and the Plateau to visit everyone’s favourite streetcorners. We honoured each corner with […]

The City Speaks

Mount Royal Avenue, Montreal Franck Chambrun seems to have rediscovered my photos. After painting several of them in 2007, he has done the same over the past few weeks, though with a distinct shift in style. Whereas his earlier paintings distilled the streetlife depicted in my photos to its bare essence of form and colour, […]

Toronto’s Poster Plants

When I wrote about the political and cultural importance of posters (not to mention their aesthetic contribution to the city by making it look messy and lived-in), I never considered that they could also have an environmental benefit. Luckily, two artists in Toronto, Eric Cheung and Sean Martindale, have demonstrated exactly how this can be […]

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Flying on Two Wheels

[vimeo][/vimeo] Sam Javanrouh, the Toronto photographer who often collaborates with Spacing, has a talent for riding a bike without hands, which he often uses to take photos for his blog, Daily Dose of Imagery. This time, he’s gone one step further and made a video. Forget for a moment that riding without hands on a […]

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Free the Street Vendors

Hot dog vendor at Spadina and Queen. Photo by Kevin Steele Toronto is finally getting the street food it deserves. After suffering under years of legislation that prohibited nearly everything but precooked sausages from being sold on the streets, vendors will now be able to serve food from hundreds of culinary traditions. There’s just one […]

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Early Morning Walks

Walking by the tracks, Danforth and Woodbine, Toronto, 2005

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Smoke Break

Audi carpark, Avenue Road, Toronto

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Zzzzzs in the Moonlight

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Sunday’s Southern Sky

Morning sun over Eglinton Ave East, Toronto

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Bus Window

Montreal Toronto Hong Kong

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Earth to Mouth

For all the times I went to buy groceries at Montreal’s Chinese supermarkets, it never once occurred to me that much of the food I was buying was in fact locally-produced. Then I saw Yung Chang’s short documentary, Earth to Mouth, which my friend Cedric screened last year in a fifth-floor room in Chinatown. In […]

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North Toronto Memorial Community Centre

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