The Quiet Modernist

Jardine House (right). Photo by See-ming Lee It’s late on a Monday afternoon and James Kinoshita is sitting at home in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung district with his son, Andrew. Overhead is a tile roof that slopes towards a garden of blooming azalea and bougainvillea; just beyond are the placid waters of Port Shelter. James […]

Missing from Student Life: Politics

University of Hong Kong Democracy Wall, 2009 When I first moved to Hong Kong three years ago, I was already accustomed to the particular quirks of local life, having spent around two and a half months exploring the city before I took the definitive flight from Canada. Getting used to life at the University of […]

Student Business, Campus Life

It was a quiet, rainy day at McGill when Devin Alfaro, just out of his last exam of the semester, walked into the Caférama on the first floor of the university’s William Shatner student centre. Two weeks earlier, in early April, the café was at the centre of a battle over campus business. Caférama will […]

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The Ivory Tower in a Concrete Jungle

It’s a muggy September day and Montreal is still in the sweaty grip of summer. I’m downtown on Maisonneuve in the heart of Concordia University’s campus. Crowds stream past me. Just around the corner, thumping bass and echoing wails signal an outdoor concert. I follow the noise, emerging onto Mackay Street. There, before a heaving […]

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