Hong Kong’s Guerrilla Gardeners

It’s not easy to find the Mango King. “Do you want to go the safe way? Or the quick way?” asks Michael Leung, a designer and urban farming advocate, as we walk past the wholesale fruit market in Hong Kong’s Yau Ma Tei district, halfway up the Kowloon Peninsula. We opt for the quick way, […]

Accra’s Backyard Greenhouse

Accra from above by Jason Armstrong With tree-lined avenues and hilltop views, the ACP Estate in Accra already feels greener than much of Ghana’s fast-growing, densely populated capital. It has the appearance of a comfortable suburb: leafy, peaceful and wholesome. But the yard of Florence Benson is more than just green. It also boasts a […]

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Design for Hong Kong

Sometimes it seems as though everyone knows Michael Leung — even the owner of a Kwun Tong dai pai dong, who chats amiably with the young designer as he sits down for lunch. “We made a zine about him,” Leung explains later. “He’s really proud of it.” Scratch the surface of Hong Kong’s creative scene […]

Regrowth or Replacement?

HK Farm. Photo by Glenn Eugen Ellingsen Sweating in the bright Mediterranean sun, Glenn Eugen Ellingsen surveyed a little bit of Hong Kong in Venice. “It’s meant to be very organic,” he said, pointing to an array of wood planters, metal racks, video screens and exposed electrical wires. Ellingsen is one of the founders of […]

Bees in the City

Photo by Nelson Chan It’s late on a sunny morning and Michael Leung is skulking around on the roof of an old factory building, tending to the potted flowers that feed his hungry workers: an army of 30,000 bees. “Right now this roof is just used for smoking, but eventually we want to cover at […]

Fighting Food Inflation in Shanghai

Built in 1715, the Shangchuan Huiguan (商船会馆) or Merchant Shipping Hall, was a place for business traders to congregate for wheeling and dealing, or to rest for the night before continuing their journey. Their boats would be moored off the ports located southwest of the Bund, along the Huangpu River.

While the Hall itself is authorized for preservation, all the surrounding living quarters have fallen to the wrecking ball. Currently, a family from Anhui lives onsite and are responsible for organizing the razing. On my last trip, I noticed many plots of vegetables surrounding the Hall, on what had been rubble only months ago. Any left over vegetables were laid out to dry in various parts of the house.

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The Industrial City Deconstructed

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/13787210[/vimeo] Détroit: Ville Sauvage (Detroit Wild City), film de Florent Tillon (2010), présente de façon particulièrement poétique et imagée la réversibilité du processus d’urbanisation. Dans le cas très précis de Détroit, il s’agît d’un phénomène directement lié à la baisse de production dans l’industrie automobile américaine et des pertes d’emplois qui sont une conséquence directe […]

Hops, Bees and Honey in Mile End

For the last couple of weeks, bees have been buzzing around flowers growing wild in a former industrial space that may become an unusual urban park — or a municipal heavy machinery yard. The land is located between de Gaspé and Henri-Julien streets, immediately south of the Canadian Pacific rail tracks, with a spur jutting […]