How Jane Jacobs Changed My Life

I’ve been interested in cities for as long as I can remember. My childhood is marked by Lego metropolises on the living room floor, streetscapes doodled in schoolbooks and early Saturday mornings playing SimCity for hours on end. So it only made sense that, when I was fourteen, on a beautiful summer day spent wandering […]

Roadsworth Vindicated — And Other Interesting Ideas From 2006

Roadsworth’s stencil art in 2004 This week I was flipping through the New York Times Magazine‘s annual “Year in Ideas” issue when I came across a particular innovation that reminded me of something else. It seems that the tweedy good folks of Cambridge, Massachusetts have decided to tackle the problem of speeding cars, not by […]

Remembering Jane Jacobs

When Jane Jacobs died last spring, many urbanists were surprised by the breadth and depth of the media coverage that followed. Her work was subjected to the kind of widespread attention it hadn’t received in decades; many people were compelled to read or re-read her classics, especially The Death and Life of Great American Cities. […]