Morning Coffee: Caffe della via, Montreal

“Caffe latte, please !”, Caffe Della Via, Villeray, Montreal Un matin à l’aurore, j’étire mes jambes jusqu’au bus 80 Nord, en direction de la bonne vieille gare Jean-Talon, frontière industrielle – le Mile-Ex comme certains le surnomment désormais – où se termine allègrement la longue Avenue du Parc. Nous sommes en novembre et déjà, les […]

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Miss Villeray

Miss Villeray by day… Whenever I wander up to Villeray, usually after a trip to the Jean-Talon Market, I make sure to take Henri-Julien so that I can pass by Miss Villeray. That’s because this neighbourhood bar is adorned by a particularly comely neon sign. It wouldn’t have turned any heads in the 1960s, when […]

Ginkgo / Silver Maple

Jarry Park, Park Extension, November 2nd, 2008

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