Two Stories Over Tokyo

Shinjuku Ginza Tokyo defines concrete jungle: over 2,000 square kilometers of closely-packed, largely monochrome buildings set amid a tangle of clogged, winding roads, elevated highways, rail lines, and telephone wires. For many who are lost amid the ceaseless forward march of its sidewalks and churning perambulations in the corridors of its vast train stations, cafes […]

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Rooftop Voyeur

On the roof of Mirador Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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Open Windows

View from an 18th floor bedroom in Sai Ying Pun View from a 12th floor living room in Prince Edward View from a condemned third floor tenement in Sham Shui Po

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Bus Window

Montreal Toronto Hong Kong

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VI. Windows

[Partly translated by Arthur.] It hits me like a shot of heroin, and I don’t know why. Light through rain through the bus window, slamming and diving at my reflection, a blur dissolving into the painted world outside. Like in Fallen Angels. I straighten my tank top. Rain droplets wash through and over, sanding away […]

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Window Shopping

Venice Genoa

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Woodbine at Night

Home Sweet Home Caledonia

Easter Road, EH7

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Eyes on the Street

The sidewalk must have users on it fairly continuously, both to add to the number of effective eyes on the street and to induce the people in buildings along the street to watch the sidewalks in sufficient numbers. Nobody enjoys sitting on a stoop or looking out a window at an empty street. — Jane […]